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Digital Technologies

Advice on how to assess DT

Bloom's Taxonomy

Guide of assessment activities

This part of the document provides a guide for developing assessment activities based on the key active verbs in the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies using Bloom's Taxonomy as a framework.

Expanding on the work by Carnegie Mellon University, we have incorporated the key active verbs from the Australian Curriculum and have tailored sample assessment activities relevant to the Digital Technologies subject area. This table is based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy (Anderson, Krathwohl & Bloom, 2001).


Retrive relevant knowledge from long-term memory (Anderson & Krathwwohl, 2001).

Recognising, Recalling.

Key Active Verbs as used in Achievement Standards

List: A series of items that are related or recorded for a particular purpose (ACARA).

Recognise: To be aware of or acknowledge and make connections (ACARA).

Identify: Establish or indicate who or what someone or something is (ACARA).

Sample assessment activities

Objective tests or assessment activities that require students to recall or recognise information.

  • Fill-in-the-blank.
  • Multiple-choice items.
  • Labelling diagrams or images.
  • Reciting.
  • English text production: Recount, procedural recount, explanation.
Sample assessment indicators
  • Accuracy scores – This involves identifying correct vs errors, or identifying all correct elements in oral, text/visual presentation.
  • Item analysis – Examining to see across the class if there are items that had higher error rates in which misconceptions or knowledge needs to be addressed in future lessons.
  • Item analysis - How many different items in assessment work can students recall/recognise? Looking for the level of complexity and number of items.