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Bebras Computational
Thinking Challenge

Assessment ideas

Years 3-4; Years 5-6; Years 7-8; Years 9-10

The free Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge is a set of short questions, called Bebras tasks. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about computational thinking. This resource describes how the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge can be used for formative assessment.

Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge


This challenge is a set of short questions, called Bebras tasks, that are delivered via the internet. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about computational thinking, but are related to computational thinking concepts. Bebras is aligned with and supports the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

The challenge includes sets of questions for different year level bands from F to 10. The questions get progressively more difficult as students progress through the levels of schooling. At each year level band, there are 15 problems to be solved (taking 40–60 minutes to complete all 15 problems). The problems are presented under three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard, and there are five questions for each level of difficulty. Students can work in teams of up to four, and collaboration and teamwork are encouraged.

Teachers can use Bebras for formative assessment. After the challenge, students can log back in, see their results immediately and re-take the challenge. Teachers have access to class analytics.

Guidance For Use

Some recommendations and adaptations for using the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge:

  • Download the solutions guide for past problem sets to run the activity offline.
  • Use results from the challenge to revisit problems that students have difficulty with or have misconceptions about.

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