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North Fitzroy Primary Case Study

Understanding the difference between the ICT capability within the Australia curriculum and the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies will help your school to plan the types of curriculum activities that will help students become confident creators and developers of digital solutions.

North Fitzroy Primary School (NFPS) has focussed on both ICT integration across the school and building Digital Technologies competencies and knowledge. This case study provides a set of videos demonstrating examples of teachers and students working with both ICT use in classes and/or Digital Technologies curriculum. A useful professional learning exercise would be to watch each video and discuss whether the activities have an ICT capability focus or link to the content descriptions in the Digital Technologies curriculum, or address both.

An image describing the difference between the ICT and DT curriculums

Bridging the gap: ICT to Digital Technologies, Paula Christophersen, VCAA

North Fitzroy Primary School (NFPS) was established in 1875 in Fitzroy North, four kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD. The school has around 540 students ranging from Prep to Grade 6.

They have an extensive, whole-school Digital Technologies program which has made them a perfect demonstration for a best-practice case study.

Original funding for iPads came from grants which is why they’ve had an Apple focus in the past. The school is moving towards a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) structure as the grant allocations come to an end.

For more details on their ICT program, check out the NFPS school website and the NFPS ICT blogs:

We thank North Fitzroy Primary School’s teachers and students for their generous contributions to the Digital Technologies Hub.