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By building knowledge from an early age, North Fitzroy Primary School allows students to get more proficient with technology and programs over the course of their school career. Students begin in Prep on iPads and are exposed to coding and algorithms early on. Each year they will be shown different apps and programs to complement traditional teaching methods and also to build on learning from previous years.

An example of a whole school approach

Preps start with Daisy Dinosaur which shows code blocks. The app is used to support their numeracy program so that students aren’t learning coding in isolation of other curriculum areas.

Grades 1 and 2 use Hopscotch. It’s graphically similar to Daisy Dinosaur but allows students to do a bit more. Hopscotch is great for teaching shapes and telling stories

Grade 3 uses Scratch. They’ve now got a great understanding of how coding blocks work and are able to further build on that knowledge. The work then becomes more complicated. There are great back up resources for students so that they can pace their own learning.

Grade 4 start on Pro-Bots in conjunction with their numeracy program. Use ICT to support other areas of the curriculum. Pro-Bots are great for learning shapes and teaching degrees and angles.

Grades 5 and 6 then start using Minecraft.

Throughout primary school the students are building on skills ready to move into high school.

A little every year goes a long way!

Recommended apps

Prep - Daisy the Dinosaur (iOS, Free, Classified 4+ (Apps in this category contain no objectionable material))

How to:

Grades 1-2 - Hopscotch (iOS, Free, Classified 4+ (Apps in this category contain no objectionable material)

How to:

Grade 3Scratch

Grade 4Probots

How to:

Grades 5-6 - Minecraft

Teacher resources:

For more information on choosing apps and games for your school’s program, see Choosing the right apps for your class.