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What is griefing?

Griefing is students destroying or changing the work of other students in Minecraft. As the game is online and there is no physical creation, less value is placed on the creation. This can cause major issues if work is destroyed and can cause major upset.

See how North Fitzroy Primary School deals with griefing in this video.


Before starting a unit on Minecraft, get the group together and lay down solid rules about behaviour and expectations. Good takeaway points for students are:

  • You wouldn’t stand on someone’s sand castle or ruin their artwork and you need to treat online worlds in a similar way.
  • You don’t say things to people online that you wouldn’t say to them in person and you don’t do things that you wouldn’t do in the real world.
  • Be respectful.

Collaboration, resilience, compromise and communication are all useful skills that students will learn from Minecraft by doing joint building projects.

Jump in! Students love seeing the teacher pop up in their worlds. This also gives you the chance to monitor how they are talking to each other and keep an eye out for griefing.

Griefing may not be a malicious act – some students may have a rather uncompromising vision that doesn’t gel with the team.

Minecraft project

North Fitzroy PS ran a full term project called Mission Terraforma for years 5 and 6. Check out this rich learning project here in Word or PDF. The project uses Minecraft to get students to answer the question “How do we sustain life on another planet?”. Students researched different options for power on a new planet after Earth is no longer a viable option. The students used Minecraft to display their learning. This project incorporates Science, Communication, Design and Technology, Geography and ICT and lasts a full term.

Check out Rebecca’s video made for the Serious Play project here for some more information and stories about the project.

For ways to use Minecraft for assessment, see the Machinima page.