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What is Machinima? In this context we’re talking about recording screen content to create guided tours of student work for assessment. If, for example, you’re not comfortable jumping into a game to review student work, you can get the student to record their work and add voiceover so that they can describe their thinking while they show you around.


QuickTime is a great option to create a screen capture

Recording the screen is a great way of taking someone on a tour of a project; for example a Minecraft world.

Guided recordings of projects online are an excellent way for students to show their understanding.

If you’re not comfortable navigating Minecraft, the students can show the teacher exactly what they want them to see. They can then annotate this with a vocal track to describe what you’re looking at.

Recording the screen allows the teacher to see and assess the work that the students have created online. It allows students to give the How/What/Why of the work that they’ve created.

You can use the clips that the students create to add to your school blog so that parents can see the work that their children have been doing throughout the year.


Rebecca came across the term Machinima at an ACMI project run by Vincent Trundle which was part of GamesNet.

Minecraft project

North Fitzroy PS ran a full term project called Mission Terraforma for years 5 and 6. Check out this rich learning project here in Word or PDF. The project uses Minecraft to get students to answer the question “How do we sustain life on another planet?”. Students researched different options for power on a new planet after Earth is no longer a viable option. The students used Minecraft to display their learning. This project incorporates Science, Communication, Design and Technology, Geography and ICT and lasts a full term.

Check out Rebecca’s video made for the Serious Play project here for some more information and stories about the project.