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Find out what other schools are doing

Whether your school will provide devices, lease them or run a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, how will they be managed?

Watch this video for some great tips from North Fitzroy Primary school.


If providing tablets or laptops, use trolleys to safely and securely store and charge devices.
To buy and distribute apps to devices, whether Apple or Android, you’ll need to set up a volume purchasing or bulk content purchase account. You’ll need this even if the apps you’re downloading are free.
Label devices as some apps will need users to come back to the same one to continue where they left off. This allows students to work on projects with more depth.
Be wary of in-app purchases. Set up your account so that in-app purchases can’t be made.
If you suggest an app at school, remember that often parents will want to use the same one at home and may not have the same restrictions on the devices as you do at school.
Form a good relationship with your technical support - they will make life so much easier. You won’t have all the answers so know where to get help.

App recommendation

Book Creator (iOS, $4.99, Classified 4+ (Apps in this category contain no objectionable material); Google Play, $3.00, Classified for 3+; Windows, Free, Classified for ages 7 and over)