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Find out what other schools are doing

When you’re planning to run a bring your own device (BYOD) program in your schools, parents will naturally have concerns and queries for you.

Watch this video for some useful information that your school can provide to parents.


Talk to other schools in your area who are already running a BYOD program in their schools to see what problems they may have already encountered.

Think about how devices will be purchased – will parents have to buy their own, will you provide a leasing system or will you finance the device through a levy?

Information nights are really useful for the school to run for parents. This gives a forum for concerns to be raised and answered. Be very prepared as there will be plenty of questions and feedback! 

Some ideas for topics for information nights and training sessions at school could be:

  • Screen time
  • Cyber safety
  • Roll of the law in keeping students safe
  • Social media
  • How to protect your identity online.

An ICT blog is great for showing of student’s work.

A parent page provides extra resources for parents including your IT documentation so that your policies are easy to find.

Remember that set ups at school and at home can differ greatly. If parents are able to talk to and inform their children about cyber safety and appropriate content and what to do if there is a problem then issues are less likely to arise. Talking to the student is better than managing the device if possible as these skills will help them progress across a range of technologies and will be useful throughout their lives.

Check out the North Fitzroy Primary School ICT blog to see how they show student work and support parents: 
For more information on managing devices and apps see Managing devices and apps.