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An introduction to the BBC micro:bit

This webinar was presented by Martin Richards, Content Manger of the Digital Technologies Hub, and Tom Bijesse from Code Club.

This session provided an introduction to the BBC micro:bit, focusing on visual programming. We cover:

  • the micro:bit and the online environment
  • getting started: loading simple programs on to the micro:bit, such as Name Tag, and using the A,B buttons
  • introducing the micro:bit to your students. We discuss how to access introductory resources such as Code Club and other tutorials, as well as managing these devices in your class.
  • extension projects/kits. A small amount of extra resources like sensors open up opportunity for STEM projects.

View the handouts from this presentation:

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BBC micro:bits tutorials (Blocks)

These two videos (Creating a digital dice part 1 and 2) are to be used as support material for the year 5-6 project: Making a digital dice in the BBC micro:bit challenges document.

This tutorial on making a digital dice covers programming skills of:

  1. creating and using a variable
  2. using if/then/else statements
  3. generating random numbers.

Creating a digital dice using Micro:Bit (Part 1)

Creating a digital dice using Micro:Bit (Part 2)